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— Aerial Drone Thermal Imaging —

Drone Thermal Camera for roofing moisture detection?

  • Drones allow pictures to be obtained at low altitudes, and at a 90° angle for optimum thermal image accuracy.
  • Thermal Cameras penetrate what cannot be seen with the naked eye and translate it into an image that can be seen.

Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems

Who is best qualified to perform this Inspection?

  • Highly Experienced FAA Certified UAS (Drone) Pilots
  • FLIR Factory Level 1 Thermography Certification
  • State of the art Drone and Infrared Camera
  • The inspector is an expert in all types of roofing systems

Together… they make the best low-cost solution for moisture detection on flat roof surfaces!

All Alpine Inspectors meet these criteria and are experts in moisture detection in roofing structures.

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Aerial Thermal Imaging Advantages

  • See the entire roofing system from a bird’s eye view with incredible detail
  • Certify a roof structure is free of moisture for warranty purposes before and/or after installation
  • Low-cost moisture inspection performed by highly trained professional Pilots/Thermographers
  • Assurance the first inspection will be accurate
  • Easily understood detailed reports translated by trained specialist in infrared technology
  • Avoid costly unneeded repairs when only a portion of the roof structure needs servicing
  • Save costs in pursuing moisture intrusion entry points
  • Qualitative evidence backed by Quantified proof for Insurance claim verification

Why Alpine Thermal Imaging

Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems is a group of highly experienced and motivated professionals with offices in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Oklahoma City area. With over 20 years of experience in the commercial roofing industry, we understand the entire process and use that knowledge daily to ensure success with every customer. We are local and specialize in locating Moisture in Flat Roofing Systems. Alpine strives for perfection and was founded on the principles of excellence in customer satisfaction and service. The highly trained team at Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems are ready to help solve your concerns today. Don’t trust just anyone to solve costly issues with roofing moisture detection…

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