Dallas Thermal Imaging Inspection

Dallas Thermal Imaging Inspection CompanyAlpine Sheet Metal System is a Dallas Thermal Imaging Inspection Company. We perform a Thermal Roof Inspection on your commercial or Residential Property. We serve Dallas, Texas, and Oklahoma.  An Infrared Roof Inspection is the best way to diagnose moisture that has infiltrated the roofing envelope. This is particularly useful in commercial roofing systems that are often layered roofing system. In a layered roofing system, a hole in one area can allow water to run between the layers and then show up in a totally different area of the ceiling as a leak. This makes finding where the damaged area of the roofing system difficult without this type of technology.

Moisture seeping into a roof system long can take a long time to show up within the building as it can travel through layers and pool with those layers. The  building a long time after the initial roofing damage can begin to show the leak by as the water  breaks through to drip down walls, stain ceilings or create pools on the floor below. By the time this happens, the damage can already have taken place with mold and rot. Thermal Image Inspections are the most efficient method of identifying moisture intrusion within a building’s roof. We use a high-resolution thermal imager in the hands of our certified thermography professional.

Thermal Image Inspection, or more commonly called Infrared moisture surveys unlike other methods of moisture detection are non-destructive. This non-invasive investigative method can accurately pinpoint the exact damage area allowing in many time a surgical repair rather than a larger re-roofing can take place. This helps to minimize the cost to the Commercial or Industrial building’s owners.

Infrared Roof Inspections allow for nondestructive identification of specific areas on flat roofs where moisture has infiltrated the substrate and is deteriorating the insulation (R) value of the material, reducing the strength of the overall roof system and negatively impacting the energy costs required to maintain the internal working environment.

Moisture within walls, floors, ceilings, insulation or other building material may indicate leaking pipes, condensation or drainage issues or other problems leading to corrosion, mold, mildew and unhealthy indoor air conditions.

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