Oilfield Thermal Imaging

Oilfield Thermal Imaging

OilField Thermal Imaging

Oilfield thermal imaging is an elegant and simple solution now available to determine pressure losses, leaks, or compromised areas of the whole transport piping systems. Making sure your pipeline system is completely sealed has become an absolute necessity in relation to environmental and economic potential disasters.

Transporting material in product piping such as:

  • Crude oil or gas
  • Steam (hot water or water mains)
  • Chemical operating units
  • Power plants
  • Agriculture
  • Power plants
  • Waterways

In most cases, the pipelines that transport these materials must be completely sealed because leaks of media are not only energy and economic losses but often an ecological loss as well. Our Oil Field Thermal Imaging inspections provide you the latest technology to ensure the safety of the public and environment. We also qualify the integrity of network assets and increase your environmental due diligence and awareness.

Oilfield thermal imaging inspections allow visual verification of your assets integrity and can also be used in the development of a predictive maintenance program. Oilfield thermal imaging is an effective maintenance program component which allows us the ability to:

  • Identify leaks in tanks and pipelines
  • Pipeline leak detection-( above and below grade)
  • Tank Level detection
  • Identify equipment anomalies
  • Water and environmental anomalies

To eliminate the risk of financial or economic losses caused by defects in the piping system, it must be regularly and carefully checked. Pipeline systems are often located underground and can run for miles where access roads are restricted. The natural surroundings can also impede attainability and access.

Oilfield thermal imaging will resolve the inspections problems of long-distance pipeline inspections. We run an operator controlled drone from a safe place and have an immediate overview of the condition of the pipeline. When identifying a defect, can focus in detail and personally check the area.

Oilfield thermal imaging cameras can detect so many variations of defects that it becomes no longer necessary to excavate miles of pipelines to try and discover the area compromised.