Oklahoma Infrared Imaging

Oklahoma Infrared ImagingAlpine Thermal Imaging Systems are the leading Oklahoma Infrared Imaging and Infrared Roofing Inspection Company. We serve Oklahoma City and surrounding cities including Bethany, Midwest City, Del City, Moore, Norman, Mustang, and Guthrie.  An infrared roof moisture inspection or survey is a nondestructive diagnostic method of testing visible heat within the roofing envelope. This allows our expert Infrared thermography inspectors to quickly and accurately detect any areas where moisture has penetrated the roofing system.

This early detection of moisture can not only allow a more surgical approach to repairing the roof rather than totally replacing the entire roofing system.  Maintaining a flat or low-sloped insulated roof is an expensive and complicated challenge for building owners and managers. An Infrared Imagaging inspection in conjunction with regular maintenance can identify any moisture inside the roofing system before it leads to rot, rusting or mold which are much more expensive issues to deal with.

Our Roofing Inspectors use a drone equipped with an infrared camera to produce a detailed roofing report.  This report quickly lets the owner see hidden defects, wet insulation and potential problems that a typical visual roof inspection company simply cannot show you. Using out drone we are able to get to areas of the roof that might be otherwise difficult to access or dangerous to access giving us a complete visual record of all parts of the roof.  We perform these tests typically at dusk. During the day the sun heats the roof and any moisture in the roof. Once the roof cools any trapped moisture holds onto its heat longer and stands out in the infrared image. This makes the FLIR Infrared Camera the perfect leak detection tool.

Contact Alpine Thermal Imaging today your leading Oklahoma Infrared Imaging experts for a roofing evaluation. With 20 years of commercial roofing experiance, we can accurately diagnose any roofing issue and give you advice on how to fix the issue.