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Thermal Imaging

Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems are Thermal Imaging Experts. With Offices in Dallas and Oklahoma, we can take care of all your thermal imaging, and roofing inspection needs.  Measuring temperature variations with a camera is called infrared thermal imaging and/or thermography. This technique uses a thermal camera to display infrared radiation as temperatures and colors.

Alpine’s highly trained experienced professional LEVEL 1 CERTIFIED THERMOGRAPHERS translate this valuable information into a report that can be easily understood, allowing our clients to make cost-effective educated decisions. When there is a leakage in a roof membrane, the insulation inside the roof becomes wet. The wet insulation retains heat longer than the rest of the dry roof structure.

As a result of this difference, the wet areas will hold heat energy longer than other areas providing Alpine’s trained infrared inspectors a clear picture of the potentially damaged area. The temperature difference between wet insulation and the dry roof is very small (on average 1-4 degrees), so Alpine only uses only latest state of the art FLIR infrared cameras with the highest thermal sensitivity available for your roof inspection.

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Infrared thermography non-destructive testing is an excellent tool in the commercial environment. It is great for inspection and troubleshooting many aspects of a building. Applications for infrared thermal imaging surveys are found in almost every aspect of every industry. Alpine specializes in Moisture Detection on Flat Roof Surfaces and is always the Very Best solution!

Depend on our 20 years plus hands-on experience with roofing systems combined with our in-depth technical knowledge of infrared tools to give you a reliable report! In Oklahoma and Texas contact Call Alpine Thermal Imaging systems for a detailed Thermal imaging report on your commercial flat roof or low slope property.