Does Your Roof Leak Frequently?

Ask about our thermography services in Dallas, TX

Thermography services can help you prevent a wide range of issues in your building or on your property. Thermal cameras can detect what can't be seen with the naked eye. These high-tech cameras also translate this information into images that our team can interpret for you. Infrared imaging provides you with information you need to know about your property.

Alpine Thermal Imaging offers in-depth infrared imaging services to cover all your thermal imaging needs in Dallas, TX and beyond. Each of our team members are FAA-certified drone (UAS) pilots, GAF-certified and Level 1 Thermography-certified. We provide the best low-cost solution for moisture detection on flat and low-slope roofs. Contact us today to learn more about our thermography services.

What is commercial roofing thermography?

Commercial roofing thermography uses high-quality thermal cameras and drones to take images of the entire roof. Each aerial infrared image scan produces an accurate picture of your roof. Thermal imaging has been proven as an effective, reliable way to find water leaks and hidden moisture areas within roofing systems. This process is equally as effective for buildings that have multiple roofs.

What can thermal cameras do?

Through our thermography services, we'll detect every leak in your building in a cost-effective way. Our thermal cameras produce accurate, high-resolution images that will show every section of your roof that has water damage. Our premier thermal cameras will successfully:

  • Measure temperature differences between dry spots and moisture-heavy areas
  • Detect leaks in your roof and identify areas that need to be repaired
  • Prevent the need for anyone to walk on the potentially damaged roof
If you don't use thermal imaging to survey your roof, you may be left with undetected leaks that will destroy the underlying layers of your roof and potentially lead to roofing failure.

We'll interpret the thermal images for you so you know which areas need immediate repairs. Our services will help you avoid costly replacements and mold growth. Thermal imaging can also help you assess the structural integrity of a commercial property you want to purchase.

If you want to protect your investment, call 214-850-5593 now to schedule a thermal imaging appointment in the Dallas, TX area or throughout Oklahoma.

We offer a wide range of thermal imaging services

Turn to us when you need to document your property thoroughly. Our thermography services include:

  • Wind turbine thermal imaging
  • Oil field thermal imaging
  • HVAC system surveying and imaging
  • Electrical thermal imaging
  • Aerial thermal leak detection
  • Infrared imaging
  • Radiometric thermal imaging
To schedule an infrared imaging service, contact us right now.