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Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems are a Dallas Thermal Imaging Company which provides Thermal Imaging and Roofing Inspection services throughout the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metro Area including, Plano, Carrolton, Frisco, McKinney, Fort Worth, College Station, Allen, Richardson, and Denton. We use the latest aerial drone imaging system to provide detailed thermal images for leak detection. Infrared imaging roofing inspection can accurately detect moisture within the roofing envelope.

Our Work Process

An Infrared Thermal roofing inspection on a flat or low-sloped roofing is the preferred means of finding subsurface roof moisture. This form of Drone Thermal Imaging accurately and quickly surveys the entire roof, all areas where moisture has entered the roofing envelope causing wet insulation are easily detected during the infrared roofing inspection. Thermography of low-sloped roofing inspections is performed under the proper weather conditions usually late in the day.

Superior Dallas leak detection.

Many Benefit You Can Get

An aerial infrared imaging scan using a Flir inspection system can quickly survey the entire roofing system without ever touching it. This is far superior to the old method that called for core samples to be taken out of a roof in a grid pattern. These core sample areas would then have to be repaired. The benefits of thermal imaging have not gone untapped for the construction, facilities maintenance and roofing industry of late. In the roofing industry specifically, infrared can help locate wet insulation in most flat roofs as well as helping to narrow the search for a possible leak source.

Infrared can help locate wet insulation in most flat roofs as well as locating areas of the roof with insufficient insulation. Infrared scanning your entire roof we can quickly and more importantly accurately detect moisture that has penetrated the roofing system. This can save you money as we are able to locate just the area that is affected and that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Why Must Choose Our Service

Left unrepaired water intrusion in your roof system can also lead to interior damage, moisture in your roof system can also lead to the formation of mold, and rot. It will decrease the effectiveness of your insulation. Adding Thermal Imaging as part of your routine roofing maintenance can save you money and allow your roofing system to last longer.

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