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Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems in Oklahoma is the leading Oklahoma Aerial Roofing Inspection Company. With 25 years of Roofing Inspection experience, we use the latest drone technology and thermal imaging cameras to perform thermal imaging roofing inspections. We serve all of Oklahoma from the metro areas of Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Bethany, Moore, Edmond, Norman., Del City and Midwest City. We serve all commercial roofing companies. Our thermal drone pilots are FAA licensed and experts in their field and are commercial roofing experts with extensive experience in all commercial roofing types. The modern thermal imagers available are now lightweight enough and have a high enough resolution so that we can provide our clients with a thermal imaging roofing inspection that can accurately detect moisture within a commercial roofing system. Superior Oklahoma leak detection.

The average life of a roofing can be as short as ten years however with proper installation and property maintenance a commercial system can last in excess of 20 years. Commercial roof maintenance is vital in keeping your roof in good shape. Regular thermal imaging roofing inspections can help keep your property investment performing for you by detecting any moisture issues early where simple maintenance can repair a roofing issue. A failure in regular maintenance and inspection can lead to an expensive roofing failure. Periodic inspections and routine maintenance to correct deficient conditions can significantly increase the long-term service life of any roof system. At Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems we recommend as part of your regularly scheduled maintenance program that you get an aerial thermal imaging inspection that can easily and quickly detect any moisture issues.

Infrared roof inspections work on the principle that different materials in the roof have different thermal masses. An area of moisture within a roofing layer will show up as a thermal difference on a thermal image. During the day, the sun heats the roof. As the sun sets, we use a thermal imaging drone to detect the thermal temperature variation. Wet insulation has a higher thermal mass than the rest of the dry roof structure. Because of the difference, the “wet” areas will maintain heat energy longer than other areas, providing our experienced drone infrared thermographers with a clear picture of the damaged areas. We then provide our clients with a detailed report highlighting the areas of damage.

Using our Aerial Thermal Imaging Drone, we can detect flat and low slope commercial roofing failures. The inspection is fast and affordable and most importantly highly accurate. Infrared imaging is far superior to all other commercial moisture detection methods as it is a non-invasive a non-contact and non-destructive testing method. It is a valuable tool in prolonging the life of a commercial roof system. This makes getting Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems your Oklahoma Aerial Roofing Inspection Experts to perform a Thermal Imaging Roofing Inspection a wise financial choice.

For an Oklahoma Roof Scans and Oklahoma Aerial Roofing Inspection, call the drone thermal imaging and roofing experts at Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems.

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