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Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems is an Oklahoma Thermal Imaging Company specializing in Roofing Thermal Imaging and flat roof commercial leak detection. We serve all of Oklahoma including the Oklahoma City Metro Area including Moore, Edmond, Guthrie, Norman Mustang and Yukon, Using a state of the art thermal imaging camera and a drone our experienced examiners can examine a roofing system. Superior Oklahoma leak detection.

When a leak occurs on a commercial flat roof, damage can often go unnoticed for a considerable period. During this time water can penetrate and soak the decking and underlying insulation. The penetration of water into a roofing system can lead to expensive damage from the rot which often develops and if left can weaken the roof structure, mold is also a major issue when moisture enters a roofing system.

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There are many reasons water can leak into a roofing, from incorrect installation, maintenance issues, degradation of the surface due to insufficient protection of the surface layers against climatic influences, hail damage. Additionally, water collected on the damaged roof construction can impact the durability of the roof clad. Undetected water leaking under the surface of the roof if not repaired over a long period will destroy the foundation layers and can lead to a roofing failure.

Non Damaging Investigation

Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems, your Oklahoma Thermal Imaging and roofing inspection company use the latest thermal imaging technology. Thermal imaging camera’s which has been proven effective as a reliable way to find water leaks and hidden moisture areas within a roofing system. A thermal camera can do this by measuring temperature differences between dry places and moist areas. Thermal cameras can see where moisture has entered the roofing system by the thermal differences in the roof. An area that has moisture in it will be cooler than a dry area. Depending on the construction of the roof, it is often possible to see how large an area is affected by moisture and assess the gravity of the problem. Thermal imaging inspections are often done around sunset this is because the roof – which has been heated for a certain time – will reveal temperature differences between the dry areas, which cool down slowly, and the moist areas, which will cool down much faster. Our Thermal imaging camera can also detect areas of poorly insulated areas. These areas will reveal warmer temperatures than the surrounding roof parts.

Thermography is a science that uses a thermal imaging camera to detect moisture on your roof. Drone thermal imaging gathers images of your entire building or property so you can determine which areas need repairs. Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems provides commercial and residential thermal imaging services in Dallas, TX, Fort Worth, TX and Oklahoma. Our insured, FAA-certified team strives for perfection in every job. You can depend on us because we receive direct referrals from the area’s largest roofing manufacturer. We also use the highest-quality thermal imaging equipment on the market.

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