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Thermal Building Envelope Inspection

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For a Thermal Building Envelope Inspection in the Oklahoma or Dallas Metro area call Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems. We serve such areas as Plano, Allen, Richardson, McKinney and Sherman Texas.  In an ever-competitive corporate market where fixed overheads can mean the difference between profit and loss, ensuring your building has adequate insulation with minimal thermal leakage is vital. Obtaining a Thermal Building Envelope Inspection from the skilled thermographers at Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems can give you peace of mind or identify problems.

Our Work Process

With 25 years of roofing and construction experience, we use the latest thermal imaging equipment to do an aerial thermal imagining inspection on your building’s envelope. Once completed we will furnish you with a detailed visual report with recommendations on how to fix any issues we find. We can identify areas of energy loss due to air leakage or poor insulation. This visual report allows the building owner to implement changes to stop air leakage, reduce energy loss and improve efficiency by adding insulation. These can have simple solutions but they will pay for itself by way of utility savings month after month through all seasons.

Many Benefit You Can Get

Using a drone with a gimbal allows images to be obtained at low altitudes, and at a 90° angle for optimum thermal image accuracy. We can get to locations that would otherwise be impractical or even unsafe by any other means. Not only can we image areas that are hard to see using our thermal camera we can penetrate areas normally unseen with the naked eye and translate it into an image that can be used to diagnosis purposes.

In Oklahoma and Texas Call Alpine Thermal Imaging Systems today for your detailed Thermal Building Envelope Inspection.

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